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Patient-Centered Care. . . When You Talk, We Listen

Fri, 27 Dec 2013 13:08

We are pleased to offer our Medicare patients with either Traditional or Medicare Advantage plans a yearly Medicare Wellness Visit. This visit is fully covered, at no cost to you by Medicare.
During a wellness visit, we will measures your height, weight, body mass and blood pressure, you will not be getting an EKG. The rest is of the visit is a discussion of your medical and family history, any physical or mental impairments, and risk factors for potential diseases such as diabetes and depression. Our provider will also establishes a schedule for future care, and may refer you for other tests and screenings, many of which are now free under Medicare.
When booking an appointment, ask specifically for the free Medicare wellness visit or mention the billing code, G0438
Don’t just ask for a physical. If you’d prefer to have a physical, you’ll have to pay full charge out of your own pocket at the time of service. Medicare supplemental insurance, also known as medigap, does not cover this cost.
In other words, an Annual Wellness Visit is a snapshot of your current health, a baseline for future yearly visits, and is intended as a preventive service, a way of catching potentially serious health issues early.
A lot of times, the counseling that occurs is more important than the poking and prodding. You’re talking about weight, smoking, exercise and screening for depression. But it’s not what we would normally consider a physical.
The following services are covered by a Medicare Wellness Visit:
• Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening
• Alcohol misuse screenings & counseling
• Bone mass measurements (bone density)
• Cardiovascular disease screenings
• Cardiovascular disease (behavioral therapy)
• Cervical & vaginal cancer screening
• Colorectal cancer screenings
• Depression screenings
• Diabetes screenings
• Diabetes self-management training
• Glaucoma tests
• Hepatitis C screening test
• HIV screening
• Lung cancer screening
• Mammograms (screening)
• Nutrition therapy services
• Obesity screenings & counseling
• Prostate cancer screenings
• Sexually transmitted infections screening & counseling
• Flu Shots
• Pneumonia Shots
• Hepatitis B shots

The Annual Wellness Visit will take about 45 minutes. Services will be provided by our Registered Dietitian, Mary Elizabeth Schwartzer, or one of our Nurse Practitioners, Amy Sirkin and Adriana Ackerman. After your wellness visit, you will be scheduled for a follow up visit with your physician to further discuss any concerns.

The Medicare Wellness Visit is a very useful visit for both your current and future health. Please call one of our offices to schedule your appointment.

You can make your appointment by calling either the Somerset office at 732-828-0002 or our Monroe office at 609-655-2255.

The Providers and Staff of Central Jersey Internal Medicine Associates look forward to helping to keep your future healthy.